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Le Retour de Martin Guerre

In this intriguing, well-written fable set in 16th-century France, a dissolute village husband disappears soon after his marriage. Years later, someone who appears to be Martin Guerre returns (Gérard Depardieu), allegedly from war, and appears kinder, more educated, and far more sympathetic than the man that most of the village (including his wife) remembers. In this popular and quietly suspenseful love story about second chances and the power of hope to alter the way we see, Gérard Depardieu gives one of his most memorable and finely layered performances. Daniel Vigne's film was based on an actual incident, and it became a surprise art house hit in the U.S. upon its 1983 release. National Society of Film Critics’ Award to Depardieu as Best Actor. The better-than-average 1993 Hollywood remake, Sommersby, was set after the American Civil War, and starred Richard Gere and Jodie Foster (in a superb performance).

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1983 111 m/C FR Gerard Depardieu, Roger Planchon, Maurice Jacquemont, Barnard Pierre Donnadieu, Nathalie Baye; D: Daniel Vigne; W: Daniel Vigne, Jean-Claude Carriere. Cesar Awards ‘83: Best Writing, Best Score; National Society of Film Critics Awards ‘83: Best Actor (Depardieu); Nominations: Academy Awards ‘83: Best Costume Design. VHS, Letterbox FXL, HMV

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