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Professor Mamlock Movie Review

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Professor Mamlock would be a remarkable film no matter when it was made. The fact that it was a Soviet attack on National Socialism so threatened American audiences that it was originally banned in several states. Nazi characters are shown as ordinary human beings, still capable of shifting allegiance, as one sympathetic female character does. The film's thrust is softened by the position that Jews must rely on help from outsiders rather than themselves, but it does show why Professor Mamlock's apoliticism helped to make him an easy target. Professor Mamlock is not available on video, although it should be! Not to be confused with the 1961 East German re-make with the same title, which was written and directed by Konrad Wolfe.

1938 100m/B RU S. Mezhinski, Y. Kochurov, M. Timofeyev, E. Nikitina, Otto Zhakov, V. Chesnokov, B. Svetlov, N. Shaternikova; D: Adolph Minkin, Herbert Rappaport; W: Adolph Minkin, Herbert Rappaport; C: G. Filatov.

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