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Powwow Highway Movie Review

gary graham greene martinez

Gary Farmer is Philbert Bono, a Cheyenne Indian en route to New Mexico, who gives a ride to his activist friend Buddy Red Bow (A. Martinez). Their eye-opening travels give them and us a grim picture of Native American reservations, where living conditions and employment opportunities are poor. Under such day-to-day hardships, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain a sense of pride in past accomplishments and customs. Based on David Seals’ novel. The large, mostly Native American cast includes Graham Greene as a Vietnam veteran.

1989 (R) 105m/C Gary Farmer, A. Martinez, Amanda Wyss, Rene Handren-Seals, Graham Greene; D: Joanelle Romero, Jonathan Wacks; W: Janet Heaney, Jean Stawarz; C: Toyomichi Kurita; M: Barry Goldberg. Sundance Film Festival ‘89: Filmmakers Trophy. VHS

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