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Poison Movie Review

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A film in three segments, inspired by three Jean Genet stories: “Hero,” a comedy set in Suburbia, shows how a seven-year-old boy's Mom, teacher, and friends try to explain why he killed Dad. In “Horror,” another comedy, a mad scientist drinks this sex-drive fluid and looks and acts like a homicidal monster afterward. “Homo,” not a comedy, shows the mutual seduction of a couple of French prisoners. There's masturbation, anal intercourse, sadomasochism, plus a sequence where a bunch of guys spit into a kid's mouth. Not for all tastes, including mine. 1995's Safe by director Todd Haynes is better. I give Poison three bones for the hipsters, but for me, just

1991 (R) 85m/C Edith Meeks, Larry Maxwell, Susan Norman, Scott Renderer, James Lyons, Millie White, Buck Smith, Anne Giotta, Al Quagliata, Michelle Sullivan, John R. Lombardi, Tony Pemberton, Andrew Harpending; D: Todd Haynes; W: Todd Haynes; C: Maryse Alberti; M: James Bennett. Sundance Film Festival ‘91: Grand Jury Prize. VHS

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