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Pass the Ammo Movie Review

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Pass the Ammo, another recent effort by David Beaird, is a televangelism spoof starring Tim Curry and Annie Potts as a pair of preachers who are kidnapped on camera by a gang that includes Linda Kozlowski, a disgruntled victim of their media pitching. The effectiveness of the satire is variable, and some of the screenwriter's ideas may have looked better on paper than they do onscreen. Curry is believably charismatic, Potts is quite fetching as his glamorous wife, Anthony Geary is wonderful as their subversive engineer, and the sheer force of their personalities plus the Pass the Ammo's obvious critique of the Bakker empire may propel the whole thing along with sympathetic viewers.

1988 (R) 93m/C Bill Paxton, Tim Curry, Linda Kozlowski, Annie Potts, Anthony Geary, Dennis Burkley, Glenn Withrow, Richard Paul; D: David Beaird; W: Neil Cohen, Joel Cohen; M: Carter Burwell. VHS, LV

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