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Pas Tres Catholique Movie Review

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Tonie Marshall's Pas Tres Catholique is an intriguing study of a private detective, thoughtfully played by Anemone. The mysteries she has to resolve mostly have to do with her own life, and especially the young son who is a stranger to her (Gregoire Colin is an attractive presence as teenaged Baptiste). What the film lacks in genuine narrative drive is more than compensated for by Anemone's remarkably shaded performance. AKA: Something Fishy.

1993 100m/B FR Anemone, Christine Boisson, Michel Didym, Gregoire Colin, Denis Podalydes, Roland Bertin, Bernard Verley, Michel Roux; Cameos: Micheline Presle; D: Tonie Marshall; W: Tonie Marshall; C: Dominique Chapuis. Nominations: Cesar Awards ‘95: Best Actress (Anemone). VHS

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