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Parting Glances Movie Review

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Within four years of the release of this intensely sad film, writer/director Bill Sherwood was dead, leaving behind Parting Glances as his sole cinematic legacy to the world. It's about how two gay men react to the positive diagnosis, subsequent illness, and then-inevitable death of their friend, wonderfully played by Steve Buscemi. The versatile Buscemi (who looked a bit like Peter Lorre, but without Lorre's up-and-down weight problems) gave AIDS a human face. His role in Parting Glances was a star-making part and he made the most of it, becoming the best character actor of his generation. If you can't stop crying after Parting Glances, rent The Wedding Singer and watch it twice, once for the story, and then to appreciate Buscemi's terrific comic performance as David. Buscemi makes up to five movies a year, just like Golden Age character actors, and his many fans consider him an acting god.

1986 (R) 90m/C John Bolger, Richard Ganoung, Steve Buscemi, Adam Nathan, Patrick Tull; D: Bill Sherwood; W: Bill Sherwood. VHS, Closed Caption

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