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Orlando Movie Review

sally potter woolf awards

This unique adaptation of Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel is about the title character (Tilda Swinton), who lives for 400 years. Orlando starts out as a man and, “in the fullness of time,” becomes a woman. The conceit allows us to see how women are treated over the centuries, courtesy of Orlando's extraordinary perspective. There are many treats in store for Woolf fans—the marvelous casting of Quentin Crisp as old Queen Elizabeth I, for one, and the appearance of Lovejoy's Dudley Sutton as King James I, for another. It was partly filmed on location in St. Petersburg and Uzbekistan. And writer/director Sally Potter, who must be a whirlwind of energy, even wrote some of the songs. (And it's a refreshing 93 minutes long!)

1992 (PG-13) 93m/C GB RU FR NL Tilda Swinton, Charlotte Valandrey, Billy Zane, Lothaire Bluteau, John Wood, Quentin Crisp, Heathcote Williams, Dudley Sutton, Thom Hoffman, Peter Eyre, Jimmy Somerville; D: Sally Potter; W: Sally Potter; C: Alexei Rodionov; M: Bob Last. Nominations: Academy Awards ‘93: Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, Best Costume Design; Independent Spirit Awards ‘94: Best Foreign Film. VHS, LV, Letterbox, Closed Caption

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