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The Only One Movie Review

josef heifetz

The Only One provides a compassionate look at a marital breakup, seen from the husband's point of view. Nikolai and Tanya are an attractive, deeply in love, dream-filled couple, who divorce and go their separate ways after a misunderstanding. Still, there is a bond between them that their different directions cannot dissolve. Josef Heifetz treats this familiar situation with deep understanding and sharply rendered knowledge of the forces that link the lovers to each other. The performances by the three leading players here are well worth seeing.

1976 95m/C RU Elena Proklova, Valery Zolothuhin, Ludmila Gladunko, Vladimir Vyssozki; D: Josef Heifetz; W: Josef Heifetz, Pavel Nilin; C: Heinrich Marandzhjan; M: Nadeshda Simonian.

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