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One Night Stand Movie Review

rissient pierre film degrading

Do you ever wonder what might happen if an international critic decided to make a movie? Okay, we all know whatever became of François Truffaut. Pierre Rissient was a likable critic/film publicist who secured a screening for his first feature film at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Rissient might have done himself some good by consulting a script doctor first. The screenplay is ludicrous. One Night Stand should have been run out of Hong Kong, where it was filmed, during PRE-production. Degrading to women, and even more degrading to the leading actor who degrades them (the late Richard Jordan has this thankless role), the movie drew extended hisses and numerous boos from unappreciative audience members, woof!

1976 102m/C HK FR Richard Jordan, Ting Pei, Tien Ni, Mei Fang, Tsang Kong, Ken Wayne, Marie Daems; D: Pierre Rissient; W: Pierre Rissient, Kenneth White; C: Alain Derobe.

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