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The Obsessed Movie Review

fitzgerald gregory farrar culver

If you're merely looking for a whodunit, The Obsessed will disappoint you. There's no suspense in it. What I think is funny about this movie is the way that Gregory Black (David Farrar) and Elizabeth the housekeeper (Geraldine Fitzgerald) are always yelling at each other when they're not having sex. At least I THINK they have sex; maybe they yell each other to sleep in bed, too. Anyway, it's 1890 and Gregory's wife Edwina is dead. The unthinkable starts to occur to the lovers. Maybe she/he done her in?! A kindly inspector (Roland Culver) snoops around, asking the maid (Jean Cadell as Ellen) to answer his questions about poison and such, and Gregory and Elizabeth have to account for themselves, too, of course. But even THIS doesn't stop them from fighting with each other! Farrar and Fitzgerald give this one everything they've got, poor dears, since Maurice Elvey doesn't seem to give anyone much help. Culver is wonderful, as always. Based on a play by William Dinner and William Morum. AKA: The Late Edwina Black.

1951 77m/B GB David Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Roland Culver, Jean Cadell, Mary Merrall, Harcourt Williams, Charles Heslop, Ronald Adam, Sydney Monkton; D: Maurice Elvey; W: Charles Frank, David Evans; C: Stephen Dade. VHS, LV

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