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Not of This Earth Movie Review

wynorski jim traci alien

Remember Not of This Earth, the 1957 Roger Corman movie about an alien vampire? Well, the movie you tried to forget is also the movie Jim Wynorski was born to remake. Following in Beverly Garland's footsteps is Traci Lords, reportedly writing a cautionary book about her experiences making adult films in real life. In the movie, she plays a nurse and Arthur Roberts inherits the role that shot the late Paul Birch to obscurity. Dick Miller is not re-cast in the new movie, but Lenny Juliano, a young actor with a flair for comedy, has some good sequences as the alien's chauffeur. The acting of the nurse's cop-boyfriend is nothing to write home about, but luckily he has little to do. Not of This Earth would be fun to watch with other “great” horror films like Cat Women of the Moon starring Marie Windsor and the late Sonny Tufts. woof!

1988 (R) 92m/C Traci Lords, Arthur Roberts, Lenny Juliano, Rebecca Perle, Ace Mask, Roger Lodge; D: Jim Wynorski; W: Jim Wynorski, R.J. Robertson; C: Zoran Hochstatter. VHS

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