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Not Fourteen Again Movie Review

armstrong happy gillian baby

Gillian Armstrong's Not Fourteen Again is rather a distaff version of Michael Apted's acclaimed 7–14–21–28–35 Up series of documentaries. So far, the director has filmed her three subjects at 14, 18, 26, and 33. With a spritely soundtrack, she shows the evolving lives of Carrie, Josie, and Diana, all of whom raised girls of their own, and whom Armstrong films as well. One of the women faces the eternal dilemma: should she continue a rewarding career or have a baby? We get an answer the next time Armstrong returns to film her. She's happy that she had the baby, happy in general, but she's BORED. How can you be happy AND bored? We suspect that you'd have to film every second of someone's life, and even then, you might blink and miss that answer.

1996 110m/C D: Gillian Armstrong; W: Gillian Armstrong; C: Steve Arnold; M: Peter Dasent.

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