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The Myth of Fingerprints Movie Review

scheider moore bart holidays

Terrific title, fair flick. Why do families who don't get along get together for the holidays? This dreary gathering of relatives is like 91 minutes in Hell. The only interesting part occurs when Mia (Julianne Moore) splits in search of the ending of a book and meets Cezanne (James LeGros) who used to send her Valentines when they were little. Their moments together are like a blast of fresh air in an otherwise stale story. Does Noah Wyle LIKE home-for-the-holidays flicks? Is that why Crooked Hearts and this downer are both on his resume? Watch them together and open a vein. (He even served as associate producer on this one!) Wait a few years and then use that title on a delectable MYSTERY!

1997 (R) 91m/C Blythe Danner, Roy Scheider, Julianne Moore, Noah Wyle, Michael Vartan, Laurel Holloman, Hope Davis, Brian Kerwin, James LeGros; D: Bart Freundlich; W: Bart Freundlich; C: Stephen Kazmierski; M: David Bridie, John Phillips. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘98: Best Supporting Actor (Scheider). VHS, Closed Caption

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