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Motorama Movie Review

michael john pollard shelley

Motorama is a shapeless travelogue about a 10-year-old boy whose big dream is to collect all eight letters in the title so that he can compete for $500 million in a national contest. It turns out that the contest is full of hot air and so is the movie, in spite of all its stellar cameos (Shelley Berman, Martha Quinn, Michael J. Pollard, Drew Barrymore, etc.). The chief problem with Motorama is that its small protagonist doesn't get a chance to do much more than function as a mouthpiece for some half-baked observations about society by the so-called grown-ups who wrote and directed this mess.

1991 (R) 89m/C Jordan Christopher Michael, Martha Quinn, Flea, Michael J. Pollard, Meat Loaf, Drew Barrymore, Garrett Morris, Robin Duke, Sandy Baron, Mary Woronov, Susan Tyrrell, John Laughlin, John Diehl, Robert Picardo, Jack Nance, Vince Edwards, Dick Miller, Allyce Beasley, Shelley Berman; D: Barry Shils; W: Joe Minion; C: Joseph Yacoe; M: Andy Summers. VHS

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