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Money Madness Movie Review

julie weston rubs warde

Here's Hugh Beaumont in another “B” movie for Leave It to Beaver fans who just HAVE to see Ward Cleaver acting like a real rat once in a while. He's a fiend in this one as “Steve Clark” (it's an alias). In one sequence, he asks Julie (Frances Rafferty) to turn up the radio so the neighbors won't be disturbed while he rubs out someone who rubs him the wrong way. And watch what he does to Julie's Aunt Cora (Cecil Weston); is this where Eddie Haskell learned his exclusive tips on supercilious courtesy? Meanwhile, Donald (Harlan Warde) waits patiently for Julie to come to her senses and notice HIM once in a while. An ultra cut-rate exploration of amour fou. Don't look at the wallpaper and set decorations too closely!

1947 ?m/C Hugh Beaumont, Frances Rafferty, Harlan Warde, Cecil Weston, Ida Moore, Danny Morton, Joel Friedkin, Lane Chandler; D: Peter Stewart, Sam Newfield; W: Al Martin; C: Jack Greenhalgh. VHS

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