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A Modern Affair Movie Review

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A Modern Affair is a first directorial effort by Vern Oakley, working with a script by Paul Zimmerman. The plot is your basic telefeature about the female executive who goes to a sperm bank to have a baby and then wants to know who the father is. This one could be sold to the Lifetime channel as is, but it has a nice performance by the criminally underrated Lisa Eichhorn and not a bad co-star in Stanley Tucci, previously seen stealing Bridget Fonda's Macadamia nuts in It Could Happen to You. AKA: Mr. 247.

1994 (R) 91m/C Lisa Eichhorn, Stanley Tucci, Caroline Aaron, Tammy Grimes, Robert Joy, Wesley Addy, Cynthia Martells, Mary Jo Salerno; D: Vern Oakley; W: Paul Zimmerman; C: Rex Nicholson; M: Jan Hammer. VHS, Closed Caption

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