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Mina Tannenbaum Movie Review

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At first, Mina Tannenbaum evokes memories of the 1991 British comedy, Antonia and Jane, although director Martine Dugowson's incisive reflections on a 25-year friendship are in no way softened by humor. Instead, we see two young women sustained and strengthened by the friendship each wishes she had, rather than what's actually there. Mina, the more sensitive and artistic of the two, yearns for a friend that would listen to her for hours as she describes a deep crush. Mortally bored and mostly deceptive with Mina, Ethel is far more adaptable and willing to settle for what she can get. The friendship limps along for many years, always meaning more to Mina than to Ethel, until the inevitable break. Mina Tannenbaum is a real button pusher; maybe you'd better see it with anyone EXCEPT an old friend in shaky standing!

1993 128m/C FR Romane Bohringer, Elsa Zylberstein, Nils Tavernier, Florence Thomassin, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Stephane Slima; D: Martine Dugowson; W: Martine Dugowson; C: Dominique Chapuis. VHS

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