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The Method Movie Review

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The Method is clearly a well-intentioned effort by Joseph Destein and 13 other men who worked on the film with him. It's the old story about the middle-aged woman who leaves home and family to find herself by taking acting lessons and by playing hookers on film. The filmmakers try to solve plot problems by picking up the slack with undeveloped sub-plots involving minor characters. Remember the pompous white teachers in the Black Actors School sketch in Robert Townsend's Hollywood Shuffle? The Method's pompous white male teachers show women how to be women, but their lessons, like this film, present a false vision lacking any real depth or understanding. Taylor Gilbert had previously appeared in Torment and Alone in the T-Shirt Zone. Rob Nilsson's writing and directing credits include Northern Lights, Signal 7, On the Edge, and Heat and Sunlight.

1987 100m/C Melanie Dreisbach, Kathryn Knotts, Deborah Swisher, Taylor Gilbert, Anthony Cistaro, Richard Arnold, Rob Reece, Jack Rikess, Robert Elross, Jean Shelton; D: Joseph Destein; W: Rob Nilsson, Joseph Destein, Joel Adelman; C: Stephen Lighthill; M: Ray Obiedo.

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