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Medicine River Movie Review

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Medicine River is a captivating romance from Canada directed by Stuart Margolin. Oscar nominee Graham Greene plays Will, an international photojournalist who reluctantly returns to his native Blackfoot home for the first time in 20 years. He arrives late for his mother's funeral and finds himself unable to leave right away. A small-time hustler named Harlan Big Bear (Tom Jackson) wants to raise money for basketball uniforms and insists that Will take a series of portrait photographs that will form the basis of a fund-raising calendar and book. Will puts his career and sophisticated life on hold as he becomes intensely caught up in the activities of small-time life and a free-spirited accountant named Louise (beautifully played by Sheila Tousey). Under Margolin's sensitive direction, Greene delivers a wonderfully appealing performance as the world-weary journalist who changes his entire life when he falls in love with the Medicine River community that he abandoned long ago. Filmed in Alberta.

1994 (PG) 96m/C CA Graham Greene, Tom Jackson, Sheila Tousey, Jimmy Herman, Raoul Trujillo, Byron Chief-Moon, Janet-Laine Green; D: Stuart Margolin. VHS

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