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Martha and I Movie Review

jiri weiss saegebrecht piccoli

Martha and I was warmly received at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 1991 but after its distributor went bankrupt, it sat on the shelf for three years until this beautifully made German entry acquired a new distributor. Based on the childhood experiences of Czech director Jiri Weiss, the film stars Michel Piccoli and Marianne Saegebrecht in two exceptional performances as a Jewish doctor and German cook who confound their families by marrying and living happily ever after together, or at least until the imminent Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. Longtime admirers of Weiss, Piccoli, and Saegebrecht won't want to miss this one.

1991 107m/C GE Marianne Saegebrecht, Michel Piccoli, Vaclov Chalupa, Ondrej Vetchy; D: Jiri Weiss; W: Jiri Weiss; C: Viktor Ruzicka; M: Jiri Stivin. VHS

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