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The Man in the Glass Booth Movie Review

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The Man in the Glass Booth is unique among the 13 American Film Theatre productions because its star, Maximilian Schell, won an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in the title role, the only participant to be so honored. Aside from that, we're looking at another stagey filmed play, a common failing among all but one of these movies (that would be Lord Laurence Olivier's Three Sisters, made in 1970). Actor/playwright Robert Shaw was so angered by this interpretation of his play that he demanded his name be removed from the film credits. Donald Pleasence had originated the Broadway role (somewhat modeled after Adolf Eichmann) under Harold Pinter's direction.

1975 (PG) 117m/C Maximilian Schell, Lois Nettleton, Luther Adler, Lawrence Pressman, Henry Brown, Richard Rasof; D: Arthur Hiller; W: Edward Anhalt; C: Sam Leavitt. Nominations: Academy Awards ‘75: Best Actor (Schell). VHS

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