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Mac Movie Review

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John Turturro's film about three Italian brothers was far more effective with this viewer than Edward Burns’ movie about The Brothers McMullen. Perhaps this is because the inspiration (Turturro's late father) feels more real. Turturro gets inside the bickering and the fighting to show the genuine love and strong bonds beneath the surface in the Vitelli family. He plays the title role, also known as Niccolo; Michael Badalucco and Carl Capotorto are his younger siblings Vico and Bruno; Katherine Borowitz (Mrs. John Turturro) is Mac's wife, Alice; and Ellen Barkin is Oona, a ‘50s-style kook. The wonderful acting by all more than compensates for the fact that the low budget clearly didn't cover authentic period details. In a family saga like this one, the authentic expression of feelings is clearly far more vital.

1993 (R) 118m/C John Turturro, Carl Capotorto, Michael Badalucco, Katherine Borowitz, John Amos, Olek Krupa, Ellen Barkin, Joe Paparone, Nicholas Turturro, Dennis Farina, Steven Randazzo; D: John Turturro; W: Brandon Cole, John Turturro; C: Ron Fortunato; M: Richard Termini, Vin Tese. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘94: Best Director (Turturro), Best First Feature. VHS, LV, Letterbox, Closed Caption

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