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Love and Human Remains Movie Review

serial killer denys romantic

Canada's Love and Human Remains supplies a quirky look at the romantic rituals of two roommates; he's gay and she's straight, sort of. They both want to meet a nice guy but they're afraid, and why not? There's a serial killer on the loose. She succumbs to a one-night stand with a romantic lesbian at her gym and then falls for a bartender before she discovers he's married. He waits tables at age 30, and tries to be responsible by side-stepping a fling with a 17-year-old bus boy who had a crush on him when he was a television child star. Meanwhile, his psychic friend senses danger from the serial killer, who continues to terrorize the women of Montreal. With a well-chosen cast of unknowns and brisk direction from Denys Arcand, Brad Fraser's script is on target more often than not, with humor and affection to spare for each and every character (except, of course, the serial killer, who remains a marginal figure throughout).

1993 (R) 100m/C CA Thomas Gibson, Ruth Marshall, Cameron Bancroft, Mia Kirshner, Joanne Vannicola, Matthew Ferguson, Rick Roberts; D: Denys Arcand; W: Brad Fraser; C: Paul Sarossy. Genie Awards ‘94: Best Adapted Screenplay. VHS, LV

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