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Loch Ness Movie Review

jonathan john danson frain

Loch Ness deserved an art house run instead of the world premiere on network television that it finally received. But the title suggests a monster movie, which it isn't. And Ted Danson's television-style emoting, unlike the performances of the rest of the cast, shrieks “TELEFEATURE!” Danson is Dr. Jonathan Dempsey, searching for Nessy in the Highlands with his helper Adrian Foote (James Frain). Lovely Joely Richardson is his innkeeper, Laura MacFetteridge, who gradually (very gradually) learns to appreciate Jonathan's well-hidden charms. Her delightful daughter Isabel (Kirsty Graham) likes him right away, though she's the only one in town who does. Andy MacLean (Nick Brimble) is downright jealous, because he's convinced Jonathan means to spirit Laura away from him. Ian Holm is on hand as the Water Bailiff. Loch Ness, which sat on John Fusco's shelf for a full decade before it was finally filmed, is ideal indie material. In its own gentle way, it shows why leaving an idyllic small town exactly the way it is might be far more important than reviving an old legend which may or may not be real. I'd love to see this on a movie screen some day.

1995 (PG) 101m/C GB Ted Danson, Ian Holm, Joely Richardson, Kirsty Graham, James Frain, Harris Yulin, Keith Allen, Nick Brimble; D: John Henderson; W: John Fusco; C: Clive Tickner; M: Trevor Jones. VHS

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