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Little Shots of Happiness Movie Review

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Bonnie Dickenson has just enough of an onscreen personality to keep you watching her performance as the offbeat Frances in Little Shots of Happiness. By day, she works at a collection agency for a credit card company until 5 p.m. By night, anything goes, including massive consumption of alcohol. Frances wakes up where she wakes up, which could be just about anywhere. Still, except for one morning when she calls in sick, she's always at her desk by 9 a.m. Director/cinematographer Todd Verow came up with the story for Little Shots of Happiness and apparently the actors improvised the dialogue according to Verow's outline. It isn't slow or boring, it's sporadically surprising and funny—but it needed tweaking at some point prior to release and it didn't get it. Filmed in Boston. Played at San Francisco's Indie Fest in 1997.

1997 85m/C Bonnie Dickenson, Todd Verow, Linda Ekoian, Rita Gavelis, P.J. Marino, Castalia Jason, Leanne Whitney, Bill Dwyer, Eric Sapp, Maureen Picard, Eric Romley; D: Todd Verow; W: Todd Verow; C: Todd Verow.

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