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The Little Prince Movie Review

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The Little Prince was a major disappointment in 1974, and still is, for those who would like to see a decent adaptation of Antoine De Saint-Exupery's (1900–44) delicate little book. Every time the orchestra begins to play another awful song in the terrible score, you'll shudder with embarrassment. Director Stanley Donen seems to have the unerring knack for making his cast look ridiculous here. Occasionally, he permits the book's wise, gentle themes to slip into the film, but most of the time, he's far more concerned with how big and expensive he can make everything look. I have never heard one kid ask to see this one on video, but for the record: Richard Kiley is the Pilot, Steven Warner is the title character, the late Bob Fosse has his moments as the Snake, Gene Wilder steals a few more moments as the Fox, Joss Ackland is the King, Clive Revill is the Businessman, Victor Spinetti is the Historian, Graham Crowden is the General, and Donna McKechnie is Rose. Avoid this cinematic massacre and read the 1943 book instead.

1974 (G) 88m/C GB Richard Kiley, Bob Fosse, Steven Warner, Gene Wilder, Joss Ackland, Clive Revill, Victor Spinetti, Graham Crowden, Donna McKechnie; D: Stanley Donen; W: Alan Jay Lerner; C: Christopher Challis; M: Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner. Golden Globe Awards ‘75: Best Score; Nominations: Academy Awards ‘74: Best Song ("Little Prince"), Best Original Score. VHS, LV

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