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Le Sexe des Étoiles Movie Review

mercier denis real father

Les Sexe des Etoiles is a film without a neat wrap-up. Marianne Mercier plays a young girl who longs for the love of her transsexual father, played by Denis Merrier. After her parent's bitter split, she tries to draw him back into her lonely life (leading to moments like the one in which he is being cruised at a diner and she walks in with a cheery, “Hi, Dad!"). When she is forced to make a choice, she acknowledges for the first time the very real difference between her real “Dad” and the idolized father of her fantasies. Director Paule Baillargeon played the curator in Patricia Rozema's I've Heard the Mermaids Singing. AKA: The Sex of the Stars.

1993 100m/C CA Marianne-Coquelicot Mercier, Denis Mercier, Tobie Pelletier, Sylvie Drapeau; D: Paule Baillargeon; W: Monique Proulx; C: Eric Cayla. Genie Awards ‘93: Best Sound. VHS

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