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Le Grand Chemin Movie Review

hubert jean loup highway

France's Le Grand Chemin/The Grand Highway shows how the visit of a shy little boy throws the lives of a group of villagers into high relief. In revealing his all-too-human characters, writer/director Jean-Loup Hubert says something about the good and bad that is in all of us and how we must accept both in order to grow up. The acting, especially by youngsters Antoine Hubert and Vanessa Guedj, is fresh and truthful and the Britanny village, circa 1959, is beautifully photographed. AKA: The Grand Highway.

1987 107m/C FR Anemone, Richard Bohringer, Antoine Hubert, Vanessa Guedj, Christine Pascal, Raoul Billerey, Pascale Roberts; D: Jean-Loup Hubert; W: Jean-Loup Hubert; C: Claude Lecomte; M: Georges Granier. Cesar Awards ‘88: Best Actor (Bohringer), Best Actress (Anemone). VHS, LV

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