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Last Summer Movie Review

christov christo

Last Summer focuses on a beautifully photographed but threatening shift of circumstances: a family facing relocation. Christo Christov's style has undeniable conviction. Sometimes, he splashes his intense visions all over the screen, flecked with sharp images of passion and brutality. The elements can destroy people (as when a cow kicks an old man to death), but they can also save them (as when another man finds shelter on a river raft). Last Summer was a departure for Christov, who has achieved greater fame as an artist of spectacular creations.

1974 90m/C Grigor Vachkov, Bogdan Spasov, Lili Metodieva, Dimiter Ikonomov, Vesko Zehirev; D: Christo Christov; W: Yordan Radichov; C: Tsevetan Chobanski.

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