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The Land That Time Forgot Movie Review

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The Land that Time Forgot is inspired by one of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ non-Tarzan books. Starring the late Doug McClure (1935–95) as Bowen Tyler, it deals with the age-old story of a crew of men (plus Susan Penhaligon as a character named Lisa Clayton thrown in for good measure) who accidentally stumble on a mysterious territory, jam-packed with cave men and prehistoric beasts. It's basically a pretty good flick, but the dinosaurs, ship models, and special effects ALL look fake. And why does someone always have to be carried away by that prehistoric predecessor of the vaudevillian hook, the pterodactyl? John McEnery gives dignity to his role as the German Captain Van Schoenvorts and Bobby Parr looks less ridiculous than most actors who wind up playing cavemen named Ahm.

1975 (PG) 90m/C GB Doug McClure, John McEnery, Susan Penhaligon, Keith Barren, Anthony Ainley, Godfrey James, Bobby Parr, Declan Mulholland, Colin Farrell, Ben Howard, Roy Holder, Andrew McCulloch, Ron Pember, Steve James; D: Kevin Connor; W: James Cawthorn, Michael Moorcock; C: Alan Hume; M: Douglas Gamley. VHS

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