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The Lady Confesses Movie Review

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Yes, Hugh Beaumont did have an acting career long before he became Ward Cleaver, but you can't see him in a movie in a revival theatre without hearing a near-deafening buzz: “Oh-my-God! That's-Beaver's-father!” The Lady Confesses is fun because Beaumont's wholesome appeal has a sinister twist here. And Mary Beth Hughes IS front and center all the way through, trying to solve the mystery. You may remember Edmund MacDonald and Claudia Drake from the cast of Detour. Cheap-cheap-cheap, but never dull.

1945 66m/B Mary Beth Hughes, Hugh Beaumont, Edmund MacDonald, Claudia Drake, Emmett Vogan, Barbara Slater, Edward Howard, Dewey Robinson, Carol Andrews; D: Sam Newfield; W: Helen Martin, Irwin H. Franklyn; C: Jack Greenhalgh; M: Lee Zahler. VHS

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