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Killer Flick Movie Review

walsh zen dennis virgil

This one-joke movie deserves a single bone for the script, but the acting and cinematography elevate it another bone. Director Rome (Zen Todd), Cinematographer One Eye (Christian Leffler), Scriptwriter Max (Emmett Grennan), and Musician Buzz (Creighton Howard) would and do kill to make a movie. Love Interest Tess (Kathleen Walsh) doesn't like the sexism in the script, but she shares their philosophy and M.O. about enforcing it, so she's immediately inducted into the gang. “The world's greatest character actor” Virgil Morgan (who?) played by Fred Dennis (who?) is forced to act at gunpoint. At least WE aren't forced to watch at gunpoint, so what's our excuse? After 93 minutes, our patience with these adventures in guerrilla filmmaking is finito! Killer Flick "introduces” Walsh, but I couldn't find credits for her four co-stars, either, so who knows? According to the closing credits, Killer Flick was filmed in and around Apple Valley, Barstow, Rancho Cucamonga, and Victorville.

1998 93m/C Zen Todd, Christian Leffler, Emmett Grennan, Creighton Howard, Kathleen Walsh, Fred Dennis, Kareem Oliver, Kyle Van Horne, Virgil Frye, Scott Jaicks; D: Mark Weidman; W: Mark Weidman; C: Robert Stenger; M: Kyle Van Horne.

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