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Kafka Movie Review

sex holm irons spirit

This is not the film the cognoscenti were expecting from Steven Soderbergh after sex, lies and videotape, so they raked it and him over the coals. I thought it was pretty interesting and definitely the work of a free spirit. It's set in 1919 Prague and Kafka (1883–1974, Jeremy Irons) is leading a pretty drab life, clerking by day, scribbling by night. He gets mixed up in a strange tale of terror, culminating in a trip to the Castle of Dr. Murnau (Ian Holm as the villain of the piece). It's all in creepy black and white, except for the castle segment that is in color. And look at that mouth-watering cast (Joel Grey, Jeroen Krabbe, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Alec Guinness)! What do you want from a second movie: “more sex, more lies and more videotape?” Get over it!

1991 (PG-13) 100m/C Jeremy Irons, Theresa Russell, Joel Grey, Ian Holm, Jeroen Krabbe, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Alec Guinness, Brian Glover, Robert Flemyng, Keith Allen, Simon McBurney; D: Steven Soderbergh; W: Lem Dobbs; C: Walt Lloyd; M: Cliff Martinez. Independent Spirit Awards ‘92: Best Cinematography. VHS, LV, Letter-box, Closed Caption

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