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Just Like a Woman Movie Review

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If Just Like a Woman had originated in Hollywood story conferences, it would have emerged as a broad farce crammed with puns and sight gags and stripped of any real insight. But, just like in 1987's Personal Services, wonderful Julie Walters is our sympathetic tour guide into another world. Based on Monica Jay's book, Geraldine, Christopher Monger's film takes a look at Gerald Tilson (Adrian Pasdar), drawn to transvestism since childhood. He keeps this part of his life private (although one does wonder how he manages with a wife and two children). The wife discovers Geraldine's wardrobe, thinks it belongs to another woman, and files for divorce. Gerald acquiescently agrees to end his marriage, convinced that his wife would never believe, much less understand, the truth. He rents a room in Monica's (Julie Walters) house and, warmed by her kind and jolly nature, falls in love with her and confides in her for the first time in his life. The truth, which is complex and not undemanding of considerable adjustment, winds up setting them both free. Nick Evans’ script is quite good and Walters and Pasdar are terrific together.

1992 (R) 102m/C GB Adrian Pasdar, Julie Walters, Paul Freeman, Susan Wooldridge, Gordon Kennedy, Ian Redford, Shelley Thompson; D: Christopher Monger; W: Nick Evans; C: Alan Hume; M: Michael Storey. VHS

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