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John and Julie Movie Review

peter colin william lesley

Whatever became of Colin Gibson and Lesley Dudley? They were the two adorable stars of John and Julie, who go all the way to London to see the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. (Actual footage of the Queen and her family waving from the balcony at Buckingham Palace appears in the film.) Needless to say, there's an uproar when their families learn out about it. Peter Sellers has a funny early role as befuddled Police Constable Diamond who tries to help them find their six-year-old children and Wilfrid Hyde-White is his usual impeccable, congenial self as Sir James. Richard Dimble-by, whose son Jonathan would grow up to write about the failed marriage of Prince Charles, repeats his famed commentary on the Coronation.

1955 82m/C GB Moira Lister, Noelle Middleton, Constance Cummings, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Sidney James, Joseph Tomelty, Colin Gibson, Lesley Dudley, Megs Jenkins, Patric Doonan, Peter Sellers, John Stuart, Vincent Ball, Colin Gordon, Peter Jones, Katie Johnson, Cyril Smith, Andrew Cruikshank, Winifred Shotter, Richard Dimbleby, Wynfold Vaughn Thomas; D: William Fairchild; W: William Fairchild. VHS

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