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Iphigenia Movie Review

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At the risk of sounding facile, Agamemnon emerges as a real clod in Michael Cacoyannis’ Iphigenia. Your sympathy will be with Clytemnestra (Irene Papas) and Iphigenia (Tatiana Papamoskou, then 12) all the way, as they are the real heroes in this vigorously rendered re-telling of Euripides’ tragedy. Yorgos Arvanitis’ camera work injects excitement into the longish narrative. But how could Agamemnon (Costa Kazakos) even THINK of sacrificing such an adorable daughter as Tatiana's Iphigenia?

1977 130m/C GR Irene Papas, Costa Kazakos, Tatiana Papamoskou, Costas Carras, Christos Tsangas, Panos Michalopoulas; D: Michael Cacoyannis; W: Michael Cacoyannis; C: Yorgos Arvanitis; M: Mikis Theodorakis. Nominations: Academy Awards ‘77: Best Foreign Film; Cannes Film Festival ‘77: Best Film. VHS

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