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Inside Monkey Zetterland Movie Review

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Surprise: Monkey Zetterland (Steve Antin) is the son of a Jewish smother mother (Katherine Helmond as Grace). I can't imagine Helmond being married to Bo Hopkins (who plays Monkey's rarely seen father, Mike), but she is, and her other kids are hairdresser Brent (Tate Donovan), and Grace (Patricia Arquette), who just broke up with pregnant Cindy (Sofia Coppola). But wait, there's more, namely Monkey's friends: Sandra Bernhard as Imogene, who never shuts up; Debi Mazar as his Mean Girlfriend Daphne; and political terrorists Sophie and Sasha. (I can't imagine Martha Plimpton being married to Rupert Everett, either, but she is.) Hey guys, let's get together and make a movie. Okay!…About what? How wacky we all are, of course. Okay…And then what? Well, isn't that enough? If it is, this is your movie.

1993 (R) 92m/C Steve Antin, Patricia Arquette, Sandra Bernhard, Sofia Coppola, Tate Donovan, Katherine Helmond, Bo Hopkins, Debi Mazar, Martha Plimpton, Rupert Everett, Ricki Lake, Lance Loud, Frances Bay, Luca Bercovici; D: Jefery Levy; W: John Boskovich, Steve Antin; C: Christopher Taylor; M: Rick Cox, Jeff Elmassian. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘94: Best Supporting Actor (Donovan). VHS, LV

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