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In the Soup Movie Review

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Adolpho Rollo (Steve Buscemi) wants to be a filmmaker in the worst way. Scam maestro Joe (Seymore Cassel) says HE'LL be the producer! For the next 93 minutes, Joe shows Adolpho how to con his way through life and into feature film production. Buscemi and Cassel are great together, and Cassel's splashy role recalls his glory days of 1971 when he co-starred opposite Gena Rowlands in Minnie and Moskowitz for John Cassavetes. Jennifer Beals (who is married to director Alexandre Rockwell) is charming as Angelica, the object of Adolpho's affection. Many indie legends also contribute to the fun in assorted cameos. For the record, In the Soup was not colorized by computer. It was filmed on color stock and released in black and white. For those who can only watch a color movie, In the Soup is available on video in color. Happily, it's also available on video in scrumptious black and white.

1992 (R) 93m/B Steve Buscemi, Seymour Cassel, Jennifer Beals, Will Patton, Pat Moya, Stanley Tucci, Sully Boyar, Rockets Redglare, Elizabeth Bracco, Ruth Maleczech, Debi Mazar, Steven Randazzo, Francesco Messina; Cameos: Jim Jarmusch, Carol Kane; D: Alexandre Rockwell; W: Tim Kissell, Alexandre Rockwell; C: Phil Parmet; M: Mader. Sundance Film Festival ‘92: Grand Jury Prize. VHS, LV, Closed Caption

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