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If Had It to Do Over Again I Movie Review

lelouch aimee deneuve anouk

Who's going to believe that Anouk Aimee, attractive as ever at 44, would fall for the 14-year-old son of her best friend, especially with the shady past her character has had? Moreover, Catherine Deneuve (at 33, but looking much younger) is absolutely unbelievable as a woman who's been in prison for 16 years. Expository sequences are omitted and all the characters are unevenly developed in Lelouch's flimsily constructed screenplay here. Needless to say, though, Aimee and Deneuve make If I Had It to Do Over Again a most pleasant film to watch. AKA: Second Chance; Si C'Était à Refaire.

1976 94m/C FR Anouk Aimee, Catherine Deneuve, Charles Denner, Francis Huster; D: Claude Lelouch; W: Claude Lelouch; C: Jacques Lefrancois.

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