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Met a Murderer I Movie Review

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James Mason was years away from achieving international stardom when he made I Met a Murderer in 1939 with Roy Kellino as director and cinematographer and his future wife Pamela Kellino as co-star. All three produced the low-budget film and the two stars collaborated on adapting Mrs. Kellino's short story for the screen. This excellent early showcase for James Mason focuses on a fugitive who wanders around the country with a writer; the film benefits from the on-location filming. Its sympathetic depiction of a man who shoots his wife (Sylvia Coleridge) only after she shoots his dog provided the film with a noir atmosphere that was unusual for British movies of that era.

1939 79m/B James Mason, Pamela Kellino, Sylvia Coleridge, William Devlin, Esma Cannon, James Harcourt; D: Roy Kellino; W: Roy Kellino; C: Roy Kellino. VHS

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