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The Hungarians Movie Review

zoltan fabri gyorgy partly

Zoltan Fabri tries to make The Hungarians a more substantial film than it really is. He focuses on some migrant farm workers who go to Germany, partly for the money and partly to avoid fighting in World War II. The weak script seems to make the statement that everyone picks on the Hungarians and it's a shame, really, because they're such nice people. Unfortunately, neither the dramatic situations nor any of the characters are developed very well. The best thing about this movie is Gyorgy Illes’ fine cinematography. AKA: Magyarok.

1978 m/C HU Andras Ambrus, Noemi Apor, Jozsef Bihari, Gabor Koncz, Sandor Szabo, Zoltan Gera; D: Zoltan Fabri; W: Zoltan Fabri; C: Gyorgy Illes.

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