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Hundred Per Cent Movie Review

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It's too late now, but if Eric Koyanagi wanted to make a film worthy of its title, he'd scrap two of its three segments and keep the focus on the plight of Asian actor Troy Tashima (Star Trek: Voyager's Garrett Wang) and his girlfriend Cleveland (BH90210's Lindsay Price). As it is, Hundred Per Cent looks, sounds, and feels like three different movies and once you're caught up in Troy's story, you'll want to stay with it. Troy auditions as an actor for a variety of different roles, but sooner or later, stereotypical preconceptions about his ethnicity come into play. It's frustrating, because he's a fine actor and the auditions seem painfully real, as if they were drawn from life. Flipping to the marijuana-fueled life of Slim Kim (Darion Basco) as a Bob Marley wannabe and to the slacker dreams of Dustin Nguyen's Isaac just doesn't have the same impact. Moreover, the segments differ in pace, style, and tone, and not to the advantage of the film as a whole. Hundred Per Cent looks great, the cast is very good, and Koyanagi CAN write and direct. The 102-minute hodgepodge here simply isn't the best showcase for this assembly of considerable talents.

1998 102m/C Garrett Wang, Lindsay Price, Darion Basco, Dustin Nguyen, Tamlyn Tomita, Adam Collis, Keiko Agena, Francois Giroday, Stan Egi; D: Eric Koyanagi; W: Eric Koyanagi; C: Michael Goi; M: John Keane.

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