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Hu-Man Movie Review

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Hu-Man may call itself a “visual feast,” but it's SOOO boring. It wastes the talents of Terence Stamp and Jeanne Moreau; director Jerome Lapperrousaz gives them little to do but say about 15 lines of dialogue in his 93-minute screenplay. It's an Orpheus re-tread. Stamp's an actor from the future who's decided to be the first time traveler. His ex-mistress Moreau wants him to be on her television show before he begins his travels. Hu-Man seems little more than a massive stage for a mysterious concept, the exact nature of which is never revealed. woof!

1976 93m/C FR Terence Stamp, Jeanne Moreau, Agnes Stevenin, Frederik Van Pallandt; D: Jerome Lapperrousaz; W: A. Ruellan, G. Lapperrousaz; C: Jimmy Glasberg.

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