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House Party Movie Review

reginald christopher hudlin film

Any comedy about a party without grown-ups is my idea of a fun flick. House Party features a likeable cast, great dance numbers, and suspense, as in Will-Kid (Christopher Reid) Make-It-to-the-Party-Even-Though-His-Dad-Grounded-Him? House Party was so popular that two sequels followed in the next four years, but neither matched the spontaneity of Reginald Hudlin's original film.

1990 (R) 100m/C Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Paul Anthony, A.J. Johnson, Robin Harris; D: Reginald Hudlin; W: Reginald Hudlin; C: Peter Deming; M: Marcus Miller. Sundance Film Festival ‘90: Best Cinematography. VHS, LV

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