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Heat and Sunlight Movie Review

nilsson rob film jealousy

This boring improvisational exercise won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 1988. Thanks to a clever advertising campaign ("BANNED BY DISTRIBUTORS!” which does sound a whole lot better than “REJECTED BY DISTRIBUTORS!” doesn't it?), Rob Nilsson was able to attract a few more audience members into the few theatres that agreed to carry it. To cut costs, Nilsson transferred 1/2-inch Betacam video to 35mm film. It's about jealousy and sex, sex and jealousy, zzzzz…. Nilsson's previous credits include Northern Lights, Signal 7, and On the Edge.woof!

1987 98m/B Rob Nilsson, Consuelo Faust, Bill Bailey, Don Bajema, Ernie Fosselius; D: Rob Nilsson; W: Rob Nilsson; C: Tomas Tucker; M: Mark Adler. Sundance Film Festival ‘88: Grand Jury Prize. VHS, LV

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