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Guncrazy Movie Review

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Drew Barrymore and James LeGros star in Guncrazy, a film that both exploits Barrymore's checkered offscreen image and protects her status as a 17-year-old minor. The result is a weak, if violent, story that backs away from every sexual issue it raises. Barrymore doesn't really have sufficient depth as an actress yet to play a junior league Bonnie Parker, although Ione Skye, another badly neglected member of the cast, could have tackled the leading role with ease and honors. Skip this one and rent Joseph H. Lewis’ classic 1949 film noir Gun Crazy instead.

1992 (R) 97m/C Drew Barrymore, James LeGros, Billy Drago, Rodney Harvey, Ione Skye, Joe Dallesandro, Michael Ironside; D: Tamra Davis; W: Matthew Bright; C: Lisa Rinzler. VHS, LV, Closed Caption

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