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Grief Movie Review

writer illeana richard glatzer

Mark (Craig Chester) is a writer on the syndicated daytime TV show The Love Judge. Still numb from his lover's death from AIDS the previous year, Mark begins to take an interest in fellow writer Bill (Alexis Arquette), while writer Paula (Lucy Gutteridge) desires to become the show's new producer and secretary Leslie (Illeana Douglas) wants to take her place as the new writer. Present producer Jo (Jackie Beat) tries to keep her office family in line while sorting out her personal life. Writer/director Richard Glatzer wrote Divorce Court scripts for five years, so you might think that his own screenplay would have a bit more bite. It does, but only during Illeana Douglas’ sequences.

1994 86m/C Craig Chester, Alexis Arquette, Lucy Gutteridge, Illeana Douglas, Jackie Beat, Carlton Wilborn, Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov; D: Richard Glatzer; W: Richard Glatzer; C: David Dechant. VHS

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