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The Giving Movie Review

jeremiah demetrios homeless eames

Jeremiah Pollock (Kevin Kildow) is a Los Angeles bank executive riddled with guilt over the people on Skid Row. On an impulse, he decides to give $10,000 to the homeless. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jeremiah's generosity is regarded with suspicion by a homeless spokesperson named Gregor (Lee Hampton). Jeremiah's intentions are serious, though. Already rail thin, he starves himself, sleeps on the streets, and shows homeless people how to get money out of automatic teller machines. Except for his occupation, Jeremiah is a man of mystery, as is the source of his very real guilt. Eames Demetrios appears to be more concerned with the look of this black-and-white entry than with a carefully crafted narrative in which all questions are asked (and answered); The Giving succeeds in working a dream-like spell over careful viewers and it does tend to linger in the mind afterwards.

1991 100m/B Kevin Kildow, Lee Hampton, Satya Cyprian, Kellie A. McKuen, Gail Green, Stephen Hornyak, Oliver Patterson, Paul Boesing, Russell Smith; D: Eames Demetrios; W: Eames Demetrios; C: Antonio Soriano; M: Stephen James Taylor.

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