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Girls Town Movie Review

taylor harris ellis anna

Nikki (Aunjanue Ellis), one of a group of four friends, kills herself after being raped. Patti (Lili Taylor), Emma (Anna Grace), and Angela (Bruklin Harris) try to come to terms with their loss and mostly wind up acting out (vandalizing the rapist's car, snapping at each other, et cetera). Although the actors have given themselves sharp dialogue to say, the sequences don't build on each other to increase the narrative's impact. Intriguing directions for character development are suggested and then abandoned. Good acting helps.

1995 (R) 90m/C Lili Taylor, Anna Grace, Bruklin Harris, Aunjanue Ellis, Guillermo Diaz, John Ventimiglia; D: Jim McKay; W: Denise Casano, Jim McKay, Lili Taylor, Anna Grace, Bruklin Harris, Aunjanue Ellis; C: Russell Fine. Sundance Film Festival ‘96: Filmmakers Trophy; Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘97: Best Supporting Actress (Taylor). VHS

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